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Pedestrians from an Ariel View

"I feel like I'm getting nowhere..."

We've all been there, they said "They would call" but they never do. NOW WHAT? Back to the job boards?!?! NOT  without a strategy!

Whether you’re trying to survive a layoff,  looking for your dream job, or trying to pivot into a new line of work, Ascend can help you!

Help Me Find A Job: Welcome
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Complete our Career Strategy Program

Career Strategy is a three-month program that gives executive job seekers the skills they need to get the results you want.

You've tried it your way long enough, face it you just aren't getting the traction you deserve. 

Finding a new role requires a strategy! 

Our program will make sure: 

  • You are absolutely clear on how to navigate job boards

  • You understand the role your resume plays in your job search

  • Your resume is optimized for impact

  • You know how to maintain your resume between opportunities when to customize and when not to

  • You know how to get executive recruiters excited about working for you

  • You have a process to find the work you want that yields optimal resumes

  • You know what timeframe to back away from jobs that aren’t going anywhere

  • You know how to market yourself to the companies you want to work for whether they have an opening or not

  • You know how to ace a phone screen, and in-person interview

  • You can identify potential pitfalls in your presentation, so you aren’t losing offers

  • How to answer all interview questions confidently, even the ones about pay

  • You know how to follow up on job opportunities without being blacklisted

  • You understand when a decision-maker or recruiter has stopped listening and how to get them back.

  • You know how to stand out in a saturated marketplace

  • You have the systems and tools to connect with the right people

  • You confidently present your strengths and value  

  • You get the work you love

How it Works:
There six areas of focus in this program, delivered through up to three monthly in-person or virtual private coaching sessions. We will tailor the program to work in the areas that make the most sense for where you are and where you’re going.
Get in the Game
Your journey starts here! This is where you’ll get into the right frame of mind to tackle the long road ahead. Along the way you will:

  • Understand what it takes to conduct a successful job search

  • Learn how to leverage your resume (What works, what doesn’t work)

  • Learn how to use the job boards correctly for maximum impact

  • Learn how to stay mentally healthy for interview sake

  • Learn how to nail the Phone Screen

  • Learn how to explain your current situation tactically

  • Establish a support network

  • Lock down great resources

  • And much more

Anticipate the winding roads
Great journeys are never straight lines. Together, we’ll take a few side trips to help you learn how to answer tough questions that often can be deal breakers.

As you build confidence in your vision for change, you will:

  • Develop fluid responses to tough questions, including leaving your last employer, employment gaps, ageism, and compensation

  • Gain familiarity with the unspoken barriers of your job search and learn how to manage them

  • Understand your strengths, skills and weaknesses in your interview presentation.

  • Learn to navigate request to change your resume. Everyone wants something different how to defend yours

  • And much more

 Know Your Direction
Armed with clarity about where you are in your career, what you really want, and what to do to get it, we’ll work to help you understand how to get to your destination. With your clearly defined finish line, you will:

  • Possess a clear picture of the marketplace, you shouldn’t fear competition, but you must acknowledge it.

  • Discover HIDDEN opportunities that align with your vision, interests and skills    

  • Learn how to utilize all your resources, without becoming solely dependent on one executive recruiter.

  • Create a path to your ideal job, even if you must make a pit stop along the way.

  • And much more

Accelerate Your Pace 
Now it’s time to break away from the pack with a clear, compelling value proposition. As we create your personal brand, you will:

  • Create your professional brand to differentiate you from the pack

  • Develop a compelling elevator pitch

  • Build a strong career narrative that tells your story

  • Create a clear, concise resume that makes you stand out

  • Develop a compelling LinkedIn profile that draws interest from recruiters and hiring managers

  • Develop the templates and materials you need to make a powerful impression

  • And much more

Tracking Your Progress
Everything must be tracked otherwise how will you remember where you came from. As we create your detailed action plan, you will:

  • Track which search strategies worked best for optimizing your search efforts

  • Develop a system to manage contacts and stay on track

  • Review prior interview and phone screens to determine how well you are implementing all you have learned.

  • And much more

Cross the Finish Line
This is where you get results and putting everything together for the final push. As we see the finish line coming into focus, you will:

  • Deliver concise, memorable stories that demonstrate your value proposition

  • Assess offers objectively

  • Negotiate effectively

  • Land your dream job 

​Join today and receive:

  • 3 months of personal, dedicated one-on-one coaching

  • Detailed discovery session (90 minutes) 

  • Up to 3 coaching sessions per month   

  • Unlimited email correspondence 

  • Unlimited On-demand spot coaching

  • Resume review; LinkedIn review

  • Access to exclusive career resources and tools


Start this program today!

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